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February 07 2018

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October 26 2017

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Here’s a little tutorial that people have been asking about, with some booty wiggles.

I used my 10ft magenta rope from @bdsmgeekshop

October 21 2017

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Dream big By: @joanna_keler

October 17 2017

September 04 2017

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Gloster Meteors.

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You see trash, I see treasures
Thank you Norway.

Instagram // YouTube

March 22 2017

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Happy Birthday to Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean. The fourth person to walk on the Moon was born March 15, 1932, in Wheeler, Texas. Seen here exploring the lunar surface on November 20, 1969.

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November 27 2015

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A sister doesn’t always mean blood relatives. Sometimes you meet women that you instantly connect with & bond with. @okcookiee happens to be one of those people. She is one of my Aries twins & she is amazing. I love you! We are bound for life! (Pun intended lol)
📷: @film_god
#jchavae #filmgod #channanigans #shibari #shibariart #melanin

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I feel this. (Via Shagvanman)

November 24 2015

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